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As a lifelong artist,
ELI THE ART GUY is always looking for the next opportunity to translate “life” into artistic expressions. ELI THE ART GUY approaches each project with complete enthusiasm and total dedication, with a guarantee that every piece of art has a little piece of his heart. 
Eliezer is the man behind ELI THE ART GUY; he is on a visual journey, and he's ready to have you join the ride!
A Massachusetts native, this self taught artist has been practicing his craft for 3 decades. Creating art ever since he could remember starting with 90's cartoons and wrestling caricatures at his early adolescence; As the years went by, Eli developed a fine art black and grey realism approach to his art work creating landscapes and portraits. After coming across works of American traditional tattoo artist and navel vet Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, Eli started incorporating a more bright and bold style with his art; creating a more colorful, POP-like approach. With his blending of realism and a bright POP approach , to create a Realism POP.
Today Eli personal focal points revolve around professional wrestling, culinary, and horror films; with a number of Eli's commission requests revolving around family, and their four legged friends . 
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